Why Attorneys in Medford Advise Against Defending Your Own DUI Case

Attorneys Medford Oregon who deals with DUI cases established without a shadow of a doubt that people like to drink and actually enjoy drinking on all sorts of occasions, whether it be for work purposes or a social gathering. While there is no law against drinking and driving in Medford, there is a strict stance taken against driving under the influence). If you’re looking for Medford Oregon Attorneys – Divorce Lawyers & Attorney at Law, then you have found.

Students, especially find college to be stressful as thinking is hard work. Writing full papers, reading, taking exams and so on is not always fun.

No doubt, law firms like the Medford Law Center can attest to the fact that alcohol is indeed a standard, legal as well as socially acceptable drug to use. Indeed, some of the most memorable college experiences involved the sharing of a drink or even another substance.

No doubt, attorneys dealing in such matter may represent some brilliant clients of which some even have a Ph.D. or Masters degree. They are highly intelligent, endowed and can research, understand, and apply the knowledge they gained at levels that are beyond that of the average individual.

This brings us to the burning question of whether or not these people should be allowed to represent themselves. DWI attorneys will give you a definite no!

Due to the following reasons, it is not recommended that even knowledgeable people should defend their DUI case themselves:

  • Being involved in something personal prevents one from remaining objective. Besides, distance gives a functional perspective, and non-emotional clarity to assess and judge the situation accurately. The non-attachment of defense attorney firms like the Law Center is empowering.
  • Not enough experience to understand the legal system. Basic and straightforward issues such as the burdens of proof between various license issues that are of an administrative nature versus criminal cases are vastly different.
  • Besides, State specific rules of the court and criminal procedure rules, as well as particular case law decision all, have a bearing on your particular situation.
  • Specialization is vital in acing it in a particular field of the law. An attorney who spends years practicing family law, including dealing with divorce cases will not fare well when they all of a sudden have to handle a DUI charge. They will have no experience with DMV MOregon license revocation hearings, DUI trials, Omnibus motions, and criminal suppression hearings.
  • Various pragmatic issues often present itself that you haven’t given a thought. For instance, how will your case be affected by an out of state license? What penalties can you expect that will have an impact on your particular profession? If you possess an Oregon Jersey driver’s license, you can expect to pay fines of close to $2,000 as well as a 2-months to a year jail sentence.
  • To achieve the best result, will your case require motions, hearings, and trial? Also, are you certified in Field Sobriety testing and do you know the proper rules and procedures to be followed by officers of the law? What about the forensic science behind breath testing such as understanding the timelines that need to be adhered to among other things.
  • Would you know what to look out for when examining police reports, check breath test documents, etc.? What about understanding various police procedures and protocols?
  • What about knowing what is actually missing from a police report or relevant document? You may be able to review what is stated in a given statement and analyze the records. But, will you know for sure what should be listed there and what not? Do you have the ability, based on years of experience, to read between the lines of these records and reports? Are you a well versed in knowing the difference between essential and unimportant evidence?
  • When dealing with DUI-related incidences, do you have the relevant insight that is needed to put things into perspective? Do you have the ability to pick out specific legal issues and research these so you may spot any defenses?

Would you say that the State prosecutor will negotiate with you in good faith, and somewhat like they would if someone like the Medford Law Center represented you?

Needless to say, fighting a DUI charge is scary for anyone. You will likely feel confused, fearful as well as confused regarding your finances, reputation, family, and your freedom.